TMI Dataset

Intra-operative imaging techniques for obtaining the shape and morphology of soft-tissue surfaces in vivo are a key enabling technology for advanced surgical systems [1]. Different optical techniques for 3D surface reconstruction in laparoscopy have been proposed, however, so far no quantitative and comparative validation has been performed. Furthermore, robustness of the methods to clinically important factors like smoke or bleeding has not yet been assessed. To address these issues, we have formed a joint international initiative with the aim of validating different state-of-the-art passive and active reconstruction methods. Through an in vitro study [2], we investigated reconstruction accuracy using different organs with various shape and texture and also tested reconstruction robustness with respect to the pose of the endoscope, the amount of blood on the tissue or smoke in the scene. This page provides:

  • The standard definition (SD) stereo data for all data sets used in the study

  • Corresponding computed tomography (CT) reference data transformed to the stereo camera coordinate system

  • A validation tool for assessing the quality of reconstructed surface data

The data sets available include

  • D-Distance: data sets with varying distances of the endoscope relative to the organ surfaces (n=20)

  • D-Angle: data sets with varying orientations of the endoscope (n=20)

  • D-Smoke: data sets with and without smoke generated by surgical coagulator (n=10)

  • D-Blood: data sets with and without artificial blood (n=4)

  • D-All: provides all images without blood and smoke (n=35)

  • D-Complete: all images of the study, including images with blood and smoke (n=42)


Example reconstructions of the data sets can be downloaded here.

Getting Started

Crash course to get started and exemplary reproduce results from the paper available here

The validation tool is available here.

A detailed description of the data sets can be found here.


[1] Maier-Hein L, Mountney P, Bartoli A, Elhawary H, Elson D, Groch A, Kolb A, Rodrigues M, Sorger J, Speidel S, and Stoyanov D: Optical techniques for 3D surface reconstruction in computer-assisted laparoscopic surgery. Med Image Anal, 17(8):974-996, 2013

[2] Maier-Hein L, Groch A, Bartoli A, Bodenstedt S, Boissonnat G, Chang PL, Clancy NT, Elson DS, Haase S, Heim E, Hornegger J, Jannin P, Kenngott H, Kilgus T, Müller-Stich B, Oladokun D, Röhl S, Dos Santos TR, Schlemmer HP, Seitel A, Speidel S, Wagner M, Stoyanov D. Comparative Validation of Single-shot Optical Techniques for Laparoscopic 3D Surface Reconstruction. IEEE T Med Imag (in press), 2014