TMI D-Blood


The validation objects used for investigating the robustness to blood were a liver and a heart, each imaged without and with artificial blood (Kunstblut, Metamorph GmbH, Berlin, Germany), as shown by means of example in Fig. 1. Details can be found in [1].

Figure 1: Endoscopic image of a liver covered with blood.


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[1] Maier-Hein L, Groch A, Bartoli A, Bodenstedt S, Boissonnat G, Chang PL, Clancy NT, Elson DS, Haase S, Heim E, Hornegger J, Jannin P, Kenngott H, Kilgus T, Müller-Stich B, Oladokun D, Röhl S, Dos Santos TR, Schlemmer HP, Seitel A, Speidel S, Wagner M, Stoyanov D. Comparative Validation of Single-shot Optical Techniques for Laparoscopic 3D Surface Reconstruction. IEEE T Med Imag (in press), 2014